Specified new wool and Redesigned Lenzing FR are raw materials from the biological cycle. The proportion of polymer, called Cradura™, is part of the technical cycle. Thanks to the textile lock all materials can be separated entirely homogeneously.

Specified new wool is virgin wool with a certificate of origin. This assures consistent quality, ecological conscientiousness and animal welfare. Specified new wool is breathable, elastic, and dimensionally stable. It reflects warmth, wicks moisture, and regulates water vapor.

Redesigned Lenzing FR is a flame-retardant natural fiber from white European beech specially developed for Climatex. It is absorbent and has an outstanding cooling effect.

Cradura™ is the polymer fiber. The name was created from the terms Cradle to Cradle and Durability to underline the unlimited recyclability of the fibers. It takes part in a cycle in which 20 000 tons of new fibers are already being manufactured every year from production waste, fishing nets found in the seas and recycled carpet pieces. Only components without any known potential dangers are used. CO2-saving and renewable energies are used for manufacture. The fiber proves itself in use with a comfortable texture, easy care and seating comfort