Cradle to Cradle

climatex® develops products and services which follow the Cradle to Cradle principle from the initial idea right through to use. Innovations always take sustainability into account. climatex® certifies its products and processes in accordance with the highest standards of sustainability. These standards are verified in accordance with the principles of Cradle to Cradle. Cradle to Cradle is an international system for the development and certification of sustainable economic feasibility.

climatex® considers nature, where waste equals food, to be its role model. This means that all products return to the cycle of manufacture, consumption and renewal at the end of their useful life. Biological and technical cycles result in beneficial values and do not result in waste.
Cradle to Cradle uses renewable energies, protects the ecosystem and uses natural resources efficiently. Cradle to Cradle promotes the development of diverse products and services. The system counters the principles of saving and reducing with a fundamental paradigm change. Manufacture and consumption are natural processes within this development.

climatex® products are designed in such a way that they are returned to their respective cycles as biological nutrients and synthetic fibers once their useful life has come to an end.
climatex® develops cyclical metabolisms enabling a near-natural method of production and constantly reusing materials. Certificates are issued after the evaluation of all processes from the extraction and acquisition of the raw materials through packaging and processing to recycling.

Biological cycle
climatex® exclusively uses materials which are classified as biological nutrients. They can be composted, are suitable for biogas harvesting, and can even be used in ash form as fertilizer once burnt.
The natural fibrous raw materials new wool and Redesigned Lenzing FR are designed and dyed in such a way that they can be reused in the biological cycle. For this purpose, they are broken down into biological nutrients that assist biological systems such as, for example, plant growth. In turn, the renewable raw materials form the basis for new products.

Technical cycle
climatex® uses select chemicals which are particularly safe for both processors and users and which are suitable for the cycle.
The proportion of polymers in climatex® fabrics, called Cradura™, can be returned to the technical cycle entirely, can be decomposed into its basic chemical components and reassembled into a new yarn or other products.