Balance for well-being

With exceptional characteristics, climatex® fabrics are revolutionizing the market. Warmth and cold are quickly balanced and higher pulses settled. The vital structure absorbs and evaporates moisture, just like the skin compensates for fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

As they regulate temperature, climatex® fabrics reduce energy costs. They convey the feeling of comfy warmth or cooling freshness depending on the season. The impressive effects are tested and tangible at all times. They open up a new ergonomic dimension.

With a structured surface, climatex® fabrics ensure a particularly good hold. The anti-slip effect makes the owner feel safe. High mechanical strength properties guarantee longevity. Furthermore, the fabrics are easy to process.

An outstanding feature of the quality is the flame retardancy, a result of the combination of natural and synthetic fibers. Tiny grids result from the interweaving. When exposed to heat, these absorb melted particles and preserve the fabric structure.

Their natural and three-dimensional character makes climatex® fabrics easy to maintain. They fulfill particularly high requirements in terms of use and hygiene. Vacuuming with a soft brush will freshen their appearance. Tried and tested spot removal products help in an emergency. This means the fabrics retain their original freshness for a long time.