climatex® in first place:
Top award for sustainable design

climatex® in first place: Top award for sustainable design

The climatex® The Climatex Collection wins the 2016 German Ecodesign award. This prize acknowledges innovation, sustainability and design quality in equal parts. It is an international award conferred by the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency.
Climatex wins the most important award for intelligent design as a pioneer for sustainable textiles. For the first time in the industry, Climatex is developing recyclable products with climatizing properties that are sustainable, healthy and attractive.

climatex® is revolutionizing the textile world with fabrics for a unique feel-good climate as well as sustainable management. Designed as sustainable products, the textiles and their production are certified as part of the Cradle to Cradle program. They can be fully reused in the various regeneration cycles and are also made of recycled materials.
The key to the innovative climatex® technology is the invention of the textile lock. It combines natural and synthetic fibers to create a multi-dimensional product. Specially developed processes and weaving machines are equally important as the use of special yarns and materials.
This concept produces recyclable fabrics with outstanding properties. Woven in multiple dimensions, they create micro-structures with unique effects. High and low temperatures are quickly equalized and an increased pulse rate is lowered. The vital structure absorbs and evaporates moisture in the same way that the skin compensates for fluctuations in temperature and moisture.
The fabrics enhance high-quality furniture in both private and public environments and are suitable for sofas and office chairs, seats in buses, trains and cars. As they regulate the temperatures of both furniture and rooms, climatex® fabrics lower energy costs. They convey the feeling of cozy warmth or fresh coolness, depending on the time of year and individual needs. The impressive effects have been tested and can be experienced at any time.
The intelligent, waste-free working methods conserve resources for different uses and creative applications. With a view to the future, the process provides its own raw materials.