Temperature Balance

Every day we see the absorption power of colors, e.g. car seats warmed by the sun. climatex® fabrics have extremely good transmission properties when it comes to heat and heat radiation. The fabrics quickly adapt to the body temperature, taking the pressure off the cardiovascular system of the person sitting on the particular seat; higher pulse rates are settled.

Moisture reduction

Natural and synthetic fibers are woven to create a capillary effect in the fabric. The capillaries absorb moisture quickly and drain it away. The surface remains dry.

Energy saving

Fabrics with warming and cooling effects balance varying room temperatures. climatex® fabrics generate this effect with a parallel increase in the feeling of well-being without using energy. This in turn means a reduction in the energy used for heating or cooling.

Protective effect

Flames melt synthetic yarn. The grid of natural fibers retains its structure and absorbs residues. A phenomenon that ensures greater flame retardancy than required by the standards thanks to the intelligent handling of raw materials.

Future safety

A process established in industry worldwide ensures the separation of materials for recycling. With their intelligent structure of renewable and regenerated raw materials, climatex® fabrics contribute to their own future.